Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign! Help!

This Saturday, May 19th, we are having a “work party” at the red barn food forest (a.k.a. the Just Food Community Food Forest).  If you are available to lend a hand, some of the tasks we hope to accomplish are:

  • creating signs for the different trees, shrubs and perennials in the food forest
  • building 2 large picnic tables to go in the picnic area
  • building a grape arbour and planting some grape vines at the base of it
  • starting to create a map of the ever-growing food forest
  • add soil and mulch around the trees that were planted in the fall of last year
  • applying kelp meal and mycorrhiza to each tree
  • inter-plant some annuals (while the food forest is young, there is room for some annual plants, to augment productivity, as we donate food from this site to the Ottawa food bank and emergency food cupboards

If you have an hour or two to spare, please join us this Saturday (9am-2pm) at 2389 Pepin Court, near the big red barn to help build this wonderful demonstration of forest garden and to feel part of the caring community in Ottawa.



  1. I missed the Volunteer day but would still like to chip in to help with the arbor, soil prep, map the food forest (cool), and/or plant. It would be nice to see you all again and work with some new friends. Available morning or afternoon and weekends.


    1. Hey Ryan, come out this Saturday, May 26th. Philippe will be out again doing some more of the items off the list. 🙂


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