This site exists to track the progress of new community food forests, Redbarn and Riverside, that we (Nanabush Food Forests) have established in the city of Ottawa. The output from these food forests is donated to organizations such as the Ottawa Food Bank and local emergency food cupboards.

At present, we have 4 food forests, the last 2 are the community ones (whose output is wholly donated to community organizations):

basecamp – a Year 7 forest, in our front and back yard converted into a very small and productive food forest (no public tours)
flagship – a Year 6 forest, less than 1/2 acre zone of challenging, wet clay at the Just Food Farm that we are transforming into a demonstration area, where we host workshops and tours (organized tours only)

redbarn – a Year 3 forest, which is a large (eventually 2 acres in size) community food forest located at the Just Food Farm near the big red barn (public space)
riverside – a Year 3 forest, a relatively small site utilizing corporate property around the IBM lab on Riverside Drive, maintained by a group of IBM employees who volunteer as part of the IBM Food Forestry Club (organized tours only)