A useful list of resources and inspiration.


Start Your Own Food Forest in your Yard

Excited about doing something in your own front or back yard? Small spaces are a perfect way to get started. Use this document and ask yourself some questions to make a plan to move from thoughts and talk to action!

Get Inspired by Others

See an ever-growing list of people and projects that inspire us! Those who break rules and convention and are flexible, observant and playful. Stay flexible and keep up!

Sepp Holzer

Ruth Stout

Masanobu Fukuoka

Paul Stamets

Michael Phillips

No one related to selling permaculture design certificates or trademarking nature.

Food Forest Exchange in Ottawa, Ontario

The Ottawa Food Forest Exchange is a public Facebook group full of local Ottawa area residents that are actively growing and exchanging seeds, scion wood, cuttings, perennial divisions and mushroom mycelium. Members can directly arrange swaps, but there are also occasionally spring and fall exchange days scheduled.

Map of the Red Barn Food Forest

A satellite map with additional overlay that shows the current and upcoming features of the Red Barn Food Forest.

Videos and webinars

Food Forests: Edible Landscapes to Feed Bodies, Minds and Spirits

Rebel Farmer Sepp Holzer’s Krameterhof