August Work Day at Riverside

We had a wonderful work day this past weekend, Saturday August 26th, with IBM employees and their family members helping out. Not only did we manage to accomplish all of the items on our listed goals for the day, but we also managed to complete our very first harvest (part of the harvest shown above, 5lbs of radish absent from the photo) and our very first food donation (to the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard, an extension of the Ottawa Food Bank)!

We managed to distribute ~18 yards of mulch (that was donated by Cedar Recycles and distributed with the help of donated equipment and help from Clintar landscaping company). We also weeded, planted asparagus, prepped planting areas for the trees that will be arriving in October, and inoculated many logs with shiitake mushroom mycelium. All in all, it was a tremendously productive day.

Check out photos of the action packed day

We will be organizing another work day this time during the work week (in mid-October), where we will be planting some fruit and nut trees, harvesting potatoes and sweet potatoes, and generally “getting busy with it”…

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